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Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 10 Game Night: Dominion
Jan 14 Viewing Party: Gilmore Girls *New Episodes*
Jan 17 LoveCraft: Totoro Stitch Art
Jan 19 Book Club: The Geek Feminist Revolution
Jan 19 Graphic Novel Club: Batman:Hush
Jan 25 Geeky Cross Stitch
Jan 27 Game Night: Texas Hold 'Em
Feb 01 Geek Girls Forever Fit: 21-Day Arm-Sculpting Challenge
Feb 01 LoveCraft: Comic Book Flowers
Feb 07 Game Night: Slash:Romance Without Boundaries
Feb 11 Geeky Felt Plushies
Feb 13 Happy Galentine's Day
Feb 16 Book Club: Magic Bites
Feb 16 Graphic Novel Club: Bitch Planet Vol. 1
Feb 18 Game Night: Red Flags
Feb 22 Geeky Cross Stitch
Feb 24 Game Night: Texas Hold 'Em
Mar 07 Game Night: SuperFight & Red Flags
Mar 11 LoveCraft: "Chip" Mug
Mar 15 Book Club: A Natural History of Dragons
Mar 15 Graphic Novel Club: March Book One
Mar 22 Geeky Coloring Night
Mar 23 LoveCraft: Harry Potter wands
Mar 29 Geeky Cross Stitch
Mar 31 Game Night: Texas Hold 'Em
Apr 01 SuperCraft: Pokémon Bath Bombs
Apr 04 Game Night: Dominion
Apr 06 LoveCraft: Birdy Nerd Houses
Apr 19 Geeky Cross Stitch
Apr 20 Book Club: Dangerous Women
Apr 20 Graphic Novel Club: Power Man and Iron Fist Vol. 1
Apr 22 SuperCraft: Faux Geeky Terrarium
May 02 My Immortal Part One Table Reading
May 05 GameNight: Texas Hold 'Em
May 11 Game Night: Redshirts
May 13 SuperCraft: Comic Book Flowers
May 18 Book Club: The Collapsing Empire
May 18 Graphic Novel Club: Love is Love
May 20 LoveCraft: Element Tile Art
May 24 Geeky Cross Stitch
May 31 LoveCraft: Geeky Cameo Silhouette
Jun 03 Wonder Woman Celebration
Jun 06 My Immortal Part Two Table Reading
Jun 15 LoveCraft: Decoupage Comic Bracelet
Jun 22 Book Club: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet
Jun 22 Graphic Novel Club: Wonder Woman Vol. 1: The Lies (Rebirth)
Jun 30 GameNight: Texas Hold 'Em
Jul 08 Game Night: The Realms of Mindrin
Jul 19 Geeky Cross Stitch
Jul 20 Book Club: Kindred
Jul 20 Graphic Novel Club: Scooby Apocalypse #1
Jul 22 SuperCraft: Dragon or Fairy jars
Jul 25 Geeky Coloring Night
Jul 29 SuperCraft: Harry Potter School Books Library
Aug 03 GameNight: Slash:Romance Without Boundaries
Aug 05 LoveCraft: Game of Thrones Mug
Aug 08 LoveCraft: Geeky Glass Plates
Aug 17 Book Club: The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making
Aug 17 Graphic Novel Club: Giant Days Vol. #1
Aug 26 Game of Thrones Felt Plushies
Aug 29 The Room - Table Reading
Aug 30 Geeky Cross Stitch
Sep 05 LoveCraft: Super Hero Banks
Sep 12 Game Night: Villains and Vigilantes
Sep 23 SuperCraft: Weeping Angels
Sep 24 Viewing Party: Star Trek Discovery
Sep 27 Geeky Cross Stitch
Sep 28 Book Club: River of Teeth
Sep 28 Graphic Novel Club: Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur
Sep 29 GameNight: Texas Hold 'Em
Oct 01 Viewing Party: Star Trek Discovery Episode 3
Oct 05 Game Night: Gloom & Guillotine
Oct 07 Field Trip - Diagon Alley Style Halloween Craft Faire @ Geeky Teas
Oct 08 Viewing Party: Star Trek Discovery Episode 4
Oct 14 SuperCraft: Halloween Pumpkins
Oct 19 Book Club: Bird Box
Oct 19 Graphic Novel Club:ApocalyptiGirl: An Aria for the End Times
Oct 20 Zombie felt dolls
Oct 21 Field Trip: The Last Bookstore & Central Library
Oct 21 Viewing Party: Star Trek Discovery Episode 5 & 6
Oct 24 Geeky Cross Stitch
Nov 02 Thor: Ragnarok - Private Screening with RESERVED Seating
Nov 05 Viewing Party: Star Trek Discovery Episode 7 & 8
Nov 09 Game Night: Simon & Taboo
Nov 11 SuperCraft: 8-bit Coasters
Nov 14 Book Club: Howl's Moving Castle
Nov 14 Graphic Novel Club:Tank Girl 1 (Remastered Edition)
Nov 16 Justice League - Private Screening with RESERVED Seating
Nov 19 Viewing Party: Star Trek Discovery Episode 9
Nov 21 Lisa Frank Coloring Night
Nov 28 Geeky Cross Stitch
Dec 02 Game Night: The Realms of Mindrin
Dec 07 White Elephant Gift Exchange - Geek Girls Edition
Dec 09 SuperCraft: Disco Death Star
Dec 12 LoveCraft: Glitter Ornaments
Dec 14 Star Wars: The Last Jedi - Private Screening with RESERVED Seating
Dec 19 Star Wars Plushies and Friends
Dec 21 Book Club: Grimspace
Dec 21 Graphic Novel Club:Batman: Noel
Dec 26 Geeky Cross Stitch
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