about geek girls forever

Geek Girls Forever is the brainchild of partners-in-crime Portlyn Polston and AutumnRain Glading, They are also the co-founders of Geek Girls Society, a club for younger geek girls age 8-18 (Visit the Geek Girls Society website for more information).

Portlyn and AutumnRain are big supporters of female writers, artists, editors, creators, and anybody with something to say in the pop culture world. In recent years, they have been asked to speak at conventions about the fangirl movement, being at the forefront of understanding what makes a geek girl tick.

Once word spread about Geek Girls Society and all the fun the girls were having, the grown-up geek women were more than a little jealous and wanted in on the party.  So Geek Girls Forever was born.

When you're a fangirl, the place you live your fandom is primarily online.  While it's an amazing place to connect with the people who share your passions, it's also a place where even the strongest of us can feel isolated, belittled, or even attacked for expressing our love for the things we are passionate about.  

We wanted to give ladies a safe and fun place to celebrate their fandoms IRL, while teaching the younger girls of Geek Girls Society that growing up does not mean giving up your fandoms. 

Geek Girls Forever is a social club that is welcoming to women of all ages and interests.  Men are always invited and welcome to join us! Children 8 and up are welcome to attend with an adult.   

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