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graphic novel club


Like to read but don't have a lot of time?  Check out our Online Graphic Novel Book Club.  Once a month we will read a graphic novel or trade paperback to explore the worlds that only comic books can bring you.

Led by our very own Jeane Ess, Geek Girls Forever member, comic book fan, and librarian extraordinaire, our monthly graphic novel club meetings will satisfy even the geekiest of bookworms.  Every couple of months our members are polled as to what they would like to read and Jeane chooses the next month's selection off that list.  Attendees to our meetings have multiple ways to read the book, whether they purchase them from a local comic book shop, find them at the local library or obtain them on one of several online platforms.  And if we're really being honest, not everyone finishes the book each month.

Click here to see when we meet next and which graphic novel or trade paperback we'll be reading!

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