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Have questions?  We've got answers!

1.     I  don't identify as Female, why is it only Geek Girls?

Geek Girls welcomes everyone, and yes we have members all over the spectrum.  The group celebrates and empowers women, but that doesn’t mean anyone else is excluded by any means.

2.     I’m not sure I’m geeky enough to attend your events...

Being a geek means something different to everyone.  There isn’t a quiz at the door and we don’t make you pledge your allegiance to Star Wars or Star Trek (for the record liking both, or neither is also an acceptable answer!)  We talk a lot about pop culture, tv shows, movies, books, music etc during events and you will probably get some great suggestions of things to check out.  And hey, you might like them.

3.     I have a hard time being the “new person”, any suggestions?

We were all “new” at one point.  This group is very welcoming and most members freely admit it’s hard to make friends as an adult.  So please don’t be intimidated by stopping in and checking us out.  And every event is a little different depending on what we are doing and who is attending, so we encourage you to check out a couple to get a better picture of the group.

4.     Doing new things gives me social anxiety.  Got any advice?

This is the #1 reason why I hear people don’t attend.  As mentioned above, this group is very welcoming.  And we’re usually doing some sort of activity, so everyone is focused on the task at hand and not staring at you.  PROMISE!

5.      Why do all your events ask me to register?  Can't I just show up? 

Some of our events have limited seating, so we need to know how many people are coming to make sure the space is laid out appropriately.  And if you are signing up for a craft event, we need to know how much craft material is necessary so everyone can get their craft on.

Walk-ins are always welcome, but priority will go to paid registrations first.  We may have to turn people away if an event gets full.

6.      Uh-oh, I can't come to an event that I already registered for, now what happens?

Paid Registrations and Materials Fees can be cancelled 72 hours ahead of event for a full refund. 

Registrations cancelled less than 72 hours before event but before 24 hours of event can be held as a credit on your account towards a future event.

Registrations cancelled 24 hours or less of event are forfeited.

Materials fees cancelled less than 72 hours ahead of event are forfeited.

CONTACT US in regards to your cancellation

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