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about geek girls forever

Geek Girls Forever was born out of jealousy of Geek Girls Society (a group for 8-18 years old, read more about it HERE) and incubated in a local comic book shop, until the groups were big enough to spread their wings and move into their own unique space. 

Geek Girls Forever is predominately a social club that is welcoming to women of all ages and interests.  Our activities are group inspired and it is not unusual for one of our members to lead an event in which they are passionate about.

We are very community oriented, and love to collaborate with local vendors, retailers, artists etc.  It's a big geeky world and we want to share it with everyone.  (If you want to collaborate, contact us!)

Oh and men are always invited and welcome to join us! Children 8 and up are welcome to attend with an adult.   

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